We are thankful for the pioneers that have gone before us. Here are just a few of the books we’ve read over the years that have helped formulate and inspire the concept of CaluSolv.

Dirt The Erosion of Civilizations
David R. Montgomery

Dirt to Soil , One Family’s Journey into Regenerative AgricultureGabe Brown

Weeds Control Without Poisons
Charles Walters

When Weeds Talk
Jay MaCaman

Mainline Farming for Century 21Dan Skow D.V.M. & Charles Walters

Healthy Soils, Sick Soils
Margareth Sekera

Hands-On Agronomy
Neal Kinsey & Charles Walters

Regenerating Farms & Gardens
Devon Miller

The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients
– William McKibben

Teaming With Microbes 
Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis

Growing A Revolution Bringing Our Soil Back to Life 
David R. Montgomery

Grass Productivity
Andre Voisin

The Pasture Book
W.R. Thompson

Quality Pasture: How to create it, manage it, & profit from it
Allan Nation

Soil, Fertility & Animal Health 
William A. Albrecht Ph.D