Calusolv focuses on soil health and believes that healthy soil can provide the nutrients needed to produce healthy crops while maximizing yields.

Soil Health is holistic – it considers chemical, physical, and biological properties and processes, all of which are interrelated and equally important.

Calusolv focuses on feeding the soil, not the plant. Calusolv believes that the concept of feeding the soil has been lost due to a focus on feeding the plant. Conventional agricultural focuses on traditional N-P-K fertility programs to feed the plant from one growing season to the next. Calusolv focuses on regenerative agricultural practices to harness biological processes that maintain and improve soil health for multiple seasons so that investments in soil health are earned and do not have to be purchased year after year.

Soil microbes make essential nutrients needed for growth available to the plant, but the plant drives the process. Healthy plants use root exudates to recruit a wide variety of soil microbes to deliver the necessary nutrients to the plant as needed. In contrast, conventional agricultural practices are destructive to soil microbial populations and must rely on chemical inputs to replace what soil biology can provide.

Long-term improvements in soil health are cost-effective. Advances in soil health result in better water management (increased infiltration and retention rates lead to better drought resistance), increased levels of soil microbe populations and activity (increased nutrient cycling delivers the macro and micro-nutrients needed by the crops), and increased levels of plant health. These improvements result in reduced input costs, increased productivity, and maximized profitability.

Healthy soils perform essential ecosystem services. Some benefits are the reduced leaching of synthetic nutrients (nitrates and phosphates) and less volatilization of overapplied nitrogen sources. The release of nitrous oxide is a common problem in conventionally fertilized fields. Nitrous oxide is 300X more powerful as a greenhouse gas than CO2. Healthy soils grow nutrient-dense healthy crops. Nutrient-dense crops provide animals, and people who consume them with the necessary minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and medicinal benefits that conventionally raised crops lack.

Restoring soil health begins with reversing soil compaction and restoring a stable aggregate structure. This aggregate structure provides the foundation for all the soil’s biological, chemical, and physical processes to work together as intended. Calusolv is specifically formulated to accelerate soil aggregation and supply nutrients lacking in most soils that support healthy plants and crops.


  • We believe in life.
  • Our world is magnificently designed
  • When the soil is functioning according to design, all life will flourish
  • Soil has extraordinary capacities that can greatly reduce, and even eliminate pesticides.
  • It is possible to achieve optimal agricultural production and reduce toxic pesticides by addressing the most important ratio in the soil, which is water-soluble calcium to magnesium.
  • Revitalizing your soil will bring about higher-yielding nutrient-dense crops with greater profits for producers.
  • Making food healthier and more abundant will change the world.




Stan Pace is one of the Founders of CaluSolv. He grew up on a small cattle & poultry operation, graduated from Mississippi State and Oklahoma State, and followed the principles and discoveries of Big Ag until 2005. While working as an area agent for Mississippi State University, he discovered “Weeds, Control Without Poisons” by Charles Walters. This Regenerative Ag book was the turning point that turned his agriculture education upside down. Calcium was the solution to be studied and pursued, along with the confidence that if we could communicate that truth, we could eliminate not just the pesticides and the chemicals but the need for these toxic potions. Today we have learned so much that validates that earlier revelation, and we announce that we have only scratched the surface of what can be accomplished to give us true water and food security as we share this system with the world. There is not one problem in production agriculture today that can’t be solved by eliminating soil compaction.



Brett grew up on a small family farm in Northwest Missouri but didn’t initially pursue a career in agriculture.  After a number of years in banking and finance, he started a small chemical blending and packaging company called Chemway in Franklin, KY, which he has managed and run for the last 20 years.  About 2 years ago, he was approached by Stan Pace to see if Chemway would be capable and interested in blending and packaging a new soil amendment product Stan had developed.  After working with Stan for a little over 6 months to perfect the formulation and blending of Calusolv, our company thought so much of the person behind the idea of Calusolv and the potential for Calusolv to address so many issues facing conventional production agriculture, we decided that we had to invest in Stan’s vision for Calusolv and become a partner.  We are committed to helping Stan achieve his goal of assisting producers transition to a biological-based, regenerative farming system.



Best greenhouse crops I’ve ever produced.

Omer G


I have no problem saying that the 200 dollars spent on CaluSolv increased our income by over $2,000 dollars.

Andrew H


We have used CaluSolv on our non-GMO alfalfa field for three years, and we see fewer weeds. The grass stand has thickened up naturally, giving us a better-producing field.

John G


We have switched our entire farm to CaluSolv. I have never seen plants produce and grow like they do on the product!

Jeff E

Kentucky -
Commercial Grower, Blueberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries

Calusolv has worked with me to understand the analysis and made recommendations on soil amendments.

Ronnie H

North Carolina

The armyworms ate my neighbor’s bermudagrass hay on each side of my property. They made it 10 ft into my field and disappeared. The product speaks for itself!

Charles M


We only had to spray the garden twice for bugs and with the straw and newspaper mulch, we only had to water it 2 or 3 times.  God so blessed us!!!!  I’m very sold on your CaluSolv and the plants love CaluSolv!  It’s awesome!!!

Becky A


After using CaluSolv for 4 years, my soils are balanced and release stored nutrients. This program has actually allowed me to use less fertilizer each season while producing high-quality, great-tasting tomatoes that my customers wait for each year.

Williams D