Stan Pace – His history in his own words

Hello, folks. My name is Stan Pace. I am one of the founders of CaluSolv, and I just wanted to give you a little of my history. I grew up on a small cattle and poultry farm in central Mississippi. Went to school at Mississippi State where I majored in animal science and just kind of had a, a long or, or career full of ag positions. I worked in the poultry industry. I worked in ag sales. I worked as a liquid plant food salesman. And about 1999, I returned to the state of Mississippi and went to work as a county agent. I kind of thought that was the ultimate job where I got to deal and work with farmers every day and give them advice and based on proven university research. In 2005, I read a book by Charles Walters entitled Weeds Control Without Poisons. And it really flipped my world upside down. I realized that weeds, insects, and disease are the problems we think we have as farmers. I realized that really those are just the symptoms. It kind of started me down this journey of studying calcium, and that’s gotten deeper and deeper as, as the years have gone by. But I realized that really all I was was an unpaid chemical salesman. So I left that position and moved to the state of Kentucky to raise grass finished beef. We were involved in that for several years. There was some changes that occurred in life that sometimes happened to a lot of people and I had to leave the farm and go back to work. I ended up going to work for the pioneer of liquid calcium products to the ag industry. An 82 year old Canadian that taught me so much about soil health. So in 2005 I really started changing how I viewed the soil, how I viewed crops, how I viewed pest, and how I viewed chemicals. So I made a change at that time that I would chase after life as opposed to how to kill things, you might say. So we continued on. For a time and season. I, again, sold liquid plant foods, but at, at some point I realized that we were focused on the plant and about 2017, we made a dramatic shift where we began to focus entirely on the soil. We do still focus on the plant, but it’s secondary. If we repair the soil, if we, if we start working on the soil and soil health, then, plant health follows. It has to follow. So I’m glad you’ve stopped in and or on our website I encourage you to look around check out how we do our, the three different soil tests that we put into our soil health evaluation. I think you’ll find that very, very interesting. Some things that the industry fertilizer industry doesn’t want you to know. I’m pretty sure. But check out, especially that total nutrient extraction. And I just wanna say thank you again for visiting our site, and we’re glad you’re here.

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