Benefits of CaluSolv – Significantly Increase Water Infiltration & Retention

The CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture System has many benefits along the path to sustainability. One of the most prominent is increased water infiltration and retention. Water infiltration and retention is a HUGE benefit of the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system. How does it work? There are 3 components. Physical, Biological and Chemical. Physically we test your soil to understand the types and amounts of particles contained in your soil samples. We then prescribe the appropriate amounts of nutrients that will create physical aggregate structure at the microscopic level. Cover crops are another key aspect here. By planting cover crops and leaving root structure in the ground we are building deep macro aggregate soil structure that will increase water infiltration and retention. Chemically, we employ water soluble nutrients to unlock nutrients and chemical compounds that increase and strengthen bonds allowing for further micro aggregate structure. Finally, by focusing on soil health we eliminate soil compaction which allows for water infiltration and retention to develop deeper into the soils allowing for massive increases in infiltration and retention. Head to the website where we have case studies showing that with the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system we have been able to increase water infiltration by up to 1600%! Watch the video below to learn more.

This is huge folks. The CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system increases soil moisture It increases water uptake. It increases water infiltration for your soil. It increases water retention in your soil. The question is, how? How because it sounds magical. How does that happen? Well, there’s a biological component. There’s a chemical component. There’s actually a physical component. By using the appropriate ratios in your soil, we can actually build aggregate structure in your soil. Cover crops are another huge part of the system. Why? Well, because the old roots from cover crops build aggregate structure in your soil, and that helps hold moisture. The chemical component, the microbial component, all counts as well. There’s physical space that can get built into your soil to actually hold onto water. We’ve got a case study in Iowa. Just scroll up or down on the website and you’ll find out. Or you can download it here. We increased water retention and water infiltration in a field in one of our test fields in Iowa over the course of a three year period by 1600%. If you’re dealing with drought, if you’re dealing with flood, then you’re not able to hold water. You’re not able to absorb water. You’re certainly not able to keep it for long periods of time. It all goes to runoff, probably takes a lot of your soil as erosion. Probably also takes a lot of the fertilizers that you’ve been putting on there. If this is a big concern for you we have the answer. Schedule a Soil Health Evaluation. We talk about water infiltration in your soil tests. We measure these things and it all comes down again to some of the right ratios.

If you are interested in taking the next positive step toward sustainability for your farming operation then schedule your Soil Health Evaluation session. During this time you discuss the biggest problems you are facing and possible solutions that can be provided by the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture System. Schedule time to meet with one of our soil health experts to see if you qualify for a free comprehensive soil testing package. This includes 4 separate soil test to identify the specific issues in your soil and discuss how the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system can not only solve those issues but put you on a path to permanent sustainability. If you are interested click the orange button below to schedule your Soil Health Evaluation Session.

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