Benefits of CaluSolv – Reduced Input Costs

The CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture System has many benefits along the path to sustainability. One of the most prominent is reducing or eliminating input costs. These include synthetic fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide and fungicide.

Hi there. Are you looking to spend less on your fields? Are you looking to reduce your input costs? Well, you’re in the right place. One of the huge benefits of the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system is just that. Reduced input cost. I’m talking NPK, I’m talking herbicide, pesticide, roundup, whatever you want to call it. How? Our focus in our Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system is to focus on the soil, the health of the soil, healthy microbes in the soil that gives us the ability to hold more water, use more water, hold and use more water soluble nutrients. That gives us the ability to chemically, unlock thousands of dollars of nutrients that are currently in your soil that are locked. Why? Because the microbes in your soil help to open up chemical bonds in your soil. The chemical bonds can only be broken through enzymes, and those enzymes come from microbial life in your soil.
But if you’re pouring on a lot of fertilizer, if you’re using herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, the micro microbial life in your soil is, is usually reduced significantly, depleted, unhealthy or even sterile. If you’re looking to change the amount of money that you spend on your input cost, if you’re looking to spend less and make it sustainable for the long run on your farm, we have to help you focus on the health of your soil, and that is what the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system is all about. It’s about soil health. Soil health turns into root health, turns into plant health, turns into not having to spend money on fertilizer because the plants, the cover crops, the, the microbial life in your soil is already producing a beneficial environment where the nutrients that are needed are delivered to the plant by the microbes in the soil when they are needed. We just need to deliver it to your plants. Our system eliminates or significantly reduces your dependency on herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, because healthy soil equals healthy plants. And those insects, those diseases are gonna go find plants that are already stressed. Plants actually release hormones and pheromones into the air. Think about insect pests for a minute; insects and their little antennas. That’s what they pick up on. That’s actually what insect antennas are for, it’s all a cycle. Speaking of cycles, if you’re interested in getting off the, the merry-go-round, if you’re interested in getting off the hamster wheel that the fertilizer companies, the herbicide, pesticide, fungicide companies have you on, it’s imperative that you focus on plant health or focus on soil health, because that means healthy plants. And that’s what we do here at CaluSolv. If you’re interested in hearing more, you’ll see tons of stuff on the website and blog. If you’re interested in having a soil health evaluation, you’ll find prompts for it below.
If you’re spending a lot of money on your input costs and you want to be able to control them, if you want a sustainable farm, regenerative agriculture is the way. And if you’re into regenerative agriculture and you want to accelerate that on your farm, accelerate the sustainability of your farm, that’s what the CaluSolv system does. I encourage you to find out more by reading more and having a soil health evaluation. That’s the next step. We hope to talk to you soon.

If you are interested in taking the next positive step toward sustainability for your farming operation then schedule your Soil Health Evaluation session. During this time you discuss the biggest problems you are facing and possible solutions that can be provided by the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture System. Schedule time to meet with one of our soil health experts to see if you qualify for a free comprehensive soil testing package. This includes 4 separate soil test to identify the specific issues in your soil and discuss how the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system can not only solve those issues but put you on a path to permanent sustainability. If you are interested click the orange button below to schedule your Soil Health Evaluation Session.

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