Benefits of CaluSolv – Increased Insect Resistance

The CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture System has many benefits along the path to sustainability. One of the most prominent is increased insect resistance. Improving soil health and reducing or eliminating soil compaction is the key to getting away from pesticides for insects. This is because with healthy soil the plants get the nutrients from the soil through the work of microbes to naturally combat insect infestations. Insects are like any other predator. They look for weakened organisms. Over applying fertilizer might make your crops green but the bugs know better. Plants release chemicals (pheromones) that insects can hone in on. They know when they see an easy meal. Don’t let your crops fall victim any longer. Watch the video below to learn more.

Do you have insect problems on your farm? Do you want to get off bug spray? Do you want to get off pesticide? The health of your soil is going to facilitate your ability to do that. Listen guys, if you’re interested in well increased insect resistance, army worms, flies, etc. it doesn’t matter what it is really. Your plants have to be healthy. And plant health starts with root health. And root health starts with healthy soil. What do I mean by healthy soil? I’m talking about high levels of microbial activity. I’m talking about high levels of beneficial fungus. I’m talking about high levels of transport and interaction between the microbes in your soil and the microbes in your plant. And that all starts with proper soil health. It turns out that the use of herbicide, fungicide, pesticide, has really had a significant impact on the health of our soil. It kills everything in the soil, the good stuff, the bad stuff, it doesn’t matter. And we need that good activity in our soil. We need those quality ingredients in our soil. We need those beneficial organisms in our soil, for our soil to be healthy. And healthy soil again, means healthy plants, healthy roots, and healthy plants. So if you’re fighting insects, it’s probably because your soil’s not as healthy as you think, and you’ve boosted the plant up with synthetic fertilizer. You’ve sprayed it. These are the things that we were taught to do. It’s not your fault. Starting with soil health and regenerating the microbial life in your soil is what’s gonna help you produce healthy roots, healthy plants, healthy exchange between the soil and the plants. And that is gonna scare away those insects. If you’re interested in hearing more and learning more, the first step is to have a soil health evaluation with one of our soil health experts. We take it from there, we test for your conditions, your soil with 3 tests. We call it comprehensive because the array of data we get from all three tests is comprehensive. And that’s the first step in the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system. And by the way, we have programs that can happen in 1, 2, 3 years. Yes, I said one year, one cycle. You can be sustainable on your farm.

If you are interested in taking the next positive step toward sustainability for your farming operation then schedule your Soil Health Evaluation session. During this time you discuss the biggest problems you are facing and possible solutions that can be provided by the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture System. Schedule time to meet with one of our soil health experts to see if you qualify for a free comprehensive soil testing package. This includes 4 separate soil test to identify the specific issues in your soil and discuss how the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system can not only solve those issues but put you on a path to permanent sustainability. If you are interested click the orange button below to schedule your Soil Health Evaluation Session.

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