Benefits of CaluSolv – Higher Yields and Longer Stands

The CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture System has many benefits along the path to sustainability. One of the most prominent is higher yields and longer living stands. Improving soil health and reducing or eliminating soil compaction is the key to higher yields. This is because with healthy soil the plants get the nutrients from the soil through the work of microbes exactly when they need it. Healthy soil also has a profound effect on perennial crops too. The stands live longer. Are you sick of having to reseed every two or three years? The CaluSolv Regenerative Agriculture system improves soil health so dramatically that perennial crop stands last five, six, seven, even ten years in some cases. Watch the video below to learn more.

Are you interested in getting better yields on the crops? Or if you’ve got perennial crops, are you sick and tired of reseeding every two years? Well, if you’re interested in those things, Keep reading. The CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system supports this and creates immediate improvement. You’ll hear this from me and from the other videos and articles here. You’ll see it on our website too. It comes down to soil health, microbial health in the soil. The happier the microbes are, the happier the root systems on the plants. Healthy roots, healthy plants, better yields. Yes, I said it. The happier the soil, the happier the roots. The happier the plants, the better your output. And the reason why is because proper nutrient uptake from healthy soil to healthy plants allows the plants to use the nutrients that are in the soil at the right time, in the right amounts, and the proper ratios of chemistry in your soil. Water soluble calcium AKA ionic calcium allows for signaling between the microbes and the plant, the plant and the soil. This means that when the plants are ready, “Hey, I’m all done growing and I’m ready to produce fruit”, or “I’m ready to just explode with growth.” The plants are going to get the proper nutrients it needs out of the soil at the right time because it’s working with microbes in the soil, not trying to dig through the soil that may be sterile, to find NPK or synthetic fertilizer or whatever the nutrient it needs at the time. Instead, by supporting microbial life, appropriate microbial life, meaning it’s got aggregate structure, it can hold onto water. It’s got more aggregate structure that allows the soil to breathe, that allows the microbes to grow, that allows your plants to get the nutrient uptake it needs when it needs it, and that’s the big difference. If you’re interested in hearing more about the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system, which can have you sustainable, in as little as a year, just keep reading the website. Also, look for orange buttons. Those orange buttons will have you schedule a soil health evaluation that’ll put you in contact with one of our soil health experts that will lead us down the path of getting a comprehensive soil test. Everybody says, well, I’ve had a soil test. No, we run three. That’s why it’s comprehensive. We look for different key markers in your soil to know exactly what we need to do to be able to help you, and how much you need to get you away from synthetic fertilizer to get you away from herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, so that your plants can get what they need when they need them for higher yields and longer living and thriving stands. Lower your input cost, maximize your output cost, get what you deserve out of your farm, and make it sustainable. Not for one year, not for two years, not for three years, for the lifetime of your farm. You’re gonna hand it down to your kids. You’re, you’re gonna pass this along. Well, let’s make it worthwhile for everybody involved, and you can start today. Look for those buttons and click one to schedule your soil health evaluation. That’s the next positive step. Talk soon, guys.

If you are interested in taking the next positive step toward sustainability for your farming operation then schedule your Soil Health Evaluation session. During this time you discuss the biggest problems you are facing and possible solutions that can be provided by the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture System. Schedule time to meet with one of our soil health experts to see if you qualify for a free comprehensive soil testing package. This includes 4 separate soil test to identify the specific issues in your soil and discuss how the CaluSolv Accelerated Regenerative Agriculture system can not only solve those issues but put you on a path to permanent sustainability. If you are interested click the orange button below to schedule your Soil Health Evaluation Session.

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